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Contemplating Church Songs…

wittekerk_Holysloot2new Genetic Choir CD, Church Songs for the 21st Century

“Old churches have an atmosphere of silence and contemplation.

The title conveys the atmosphere of the CD: it emanates deep silence and contemplation, and everything that comes out of silence, right from the beginning.  Each piece received a name afterwards, and I would invite the listener to listen to the CD first without reading the titles, so you can listen with a completely open mind.    

That’s what it takes from the listener: an open mind, being available for what comes.

For experimental music, this selection of improvised songs is surprisingly harmonic. Indeed, in this sense the CD title and and the track titles are well chosen. The ‘songs’ reflect what meditative silence can be like: different voices and sounds come and go, but beneath them all is a deeper soil in which we find the strength and joy to survive the storms of life.

The concentration is so intense that one can feel it even on CD. We immediately leave the buzz of life behind, like when one enters a chapel in lively Paris or Rome.”

Martje de Voogd, Haarlem, soprano and voice-teacher

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