Amstelpark concerts for Musicians without borders

support_mwb_whiteThis weekend’s Echo: Labyrinth concerts are in support of the great work that Musicians without borders is doing all over the world: Using music to bridge divides, connect communities, and heal the wounds of war.

We are happy to join the initiative of our friends at Splendor who organise a dusk-till-dawn fundraising tomorrow, 21 June: The Splendor Musician Marathon.

Sponsor some minutes of music to support this great cause!

This can be done online here or when you come tomorrow to either the Splendor event in the centre of Amsterdam or our concerts in the Amstelpark: Put something in our hat after the concert to help Musicians without borders continue and extend their great work. We already gathered money for them with our three concerts today, which was a lovely experience with many different types of audience from old to very young. And lovely wheather, too! 🙂

Come and help us make an even greater amount for Musicians without borders tomorrow!

It’s a great day to come to the park anyway, as Zone2Source is organising many other things as part of their exhibitions in Amstelpark and the Midsummer Nights Dream Solstice Performances.

Labyrinth_by_snugsomeoneThree more times to enjoy our open-air vocal concert on Sunday, 21st June:

15:00 – 16:15 – 18:00

gathering point: Orangerie, Amstelpark, Amsterdam, NL (click here for Google Maps)

Echo: Labyrinth

a walk and a concert on location by The Genetic Choir, featuring special guest Mark Alban Lotz on flutes.

On a sunny afternoon in Amstel Park you are unexpectedly invited to join a guided tour through the lesser known areas of the park. You are curious, so you join the group that has gathered and follow them into the woods. After a labyrinthine route across small paths and non-paths, you finally come to an old stone-walled space that breathes of times gone by. You are asked to wait there and listen. The space seems to echo any sound that is uttered there. Clear echoing transforms into new sounds and musical structures as layers upon layers of echoes are added. A sound labyrinth is constructed as singers create a musical journey to even further-off places.

Echo:Labyrhinth is made possible in collaboration with Zone2Source and with support of the Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.
Illustration courtesy of snugsomeone.