(Dis)connecting the dots II – Bridging music/dance/theatre in Improvisation

connecting_dots2_pusteblumen_grey_light3Two Genetic Choir singers are part of this interdisciplinary research project on Thursday afternoons in the centre of Amsterdam.

Come and join us to give us your feedback as audience on 21 May, or to join the research as improviser on 4th of June!

21 May  – 15:30-17:00 – work-in-progress presentation to gather feedback from colleague-improvisers

4 June    – 13:00-17:00 – sharing the research in an open Carpet Session – any improvisers welcome to play/perform with us!

What are the Carpet Sessions? / Where is the studio?  (click here)

Interdisciplinary Instant Composition

In May last year we had the first edition of “(Dis)connecting the dots”: Looking at the trinity theatre/dance/music in improvisation performance with the question how each discipline differs in their audience’s expectations and their reading of a piece. Questions from the different audience perspectives were:
  • What do I enjoy about an improvisation performance or concert?
  • Does it have to make sense for me in order to enjoy it?
  • In which way does it have to make sense? A pure concert usually ‘makes sense’ in a different way than a theatre play or a dance performance does. So how does this work for interdisciplinary performance?
From the makers/performers perspective, we posed the following, related question:
  • How concrete and readable should our work be?What should be left unexplained – how opaque, many-layered, confusing or abstract do we like it?
connecting_dots2_pusteblumen_grey_light3Any artist wants his work to be readable…

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