Vocal Instant Composition

Iepenloftspul with Genetic Choir

flyer dijk vol dromenWith the Genetic Choir’s way of music making and performing, we will be part of this outdoor theatre production (in Frisian language: Iepenloftspul) the coming two weekends in Friesland:

“Dijk vol Dromen” in Pingjum, Friesland

13, 14, 20 & 21 September

The piece starts as lecture about the storms that have imprinted themselves on the landscape and the way the land is formed. One abbey that was positioned on the dyke next to the water has a main role in the story that unfolds and audience will be asked to join for a walk outside and be part of a ritual from old times.

More info on where it happens and when is in this pdf: flyer dijk vol dromen



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