Workshops 2014/2015

Dear all,

the season of the Genetic Choir has started with two concerts and our involvement in an outdoor theatre production in September, but also the workshops and voice research of the Genetic Choir is starting again, and you are invited to sing with us!

“The Edge of Language” is coming up, with 4 workshop places left, the other workshops below are at this moment being fixed in dates with the pioneers of the Ensemble. Each of those three workshops has still one pioneer place left, up for grabs.

Some of our website followers showed interest for a one day Genetic Choir workshop this year. We don’t often organise it, but please let us know if you would like that – If enough people tell us that they want a short workshop, we can plan it in.

language_edge_closer218+19 October 2014   —   THE EDGE OF LANGUAGE
A workshop about the moments when sound becomes language and vice versa. We will play with and research the use of words in improvisation, with the focus on the exciting no-mans-land between the abstraction of music and the literal meaning of language. (more info: click here)

For dates coming up in 2015:

“Marking and moulding the time that is passing”, that is one way to define what you do when working with rhythm in improvisation. Looking at it from a Genetic Choir point of view, we are less interested in counting rhythms and more interested in the simple exhilaration of singing in’many times’ (polyrhythms) or the thrill of falling together in the ‘same time’. We will explore how we can let complex rhythms appear, how we can groove together and groove on our own, in short: A weekend to become a true rhythm animal without ever counting a beat!
The interaction between the space we are in, the physical body (and body-states we experience) and our voices will be the focus of this workshop. While performing as a choir or vocal group, there are some typical ways of using the performance space, but we usually don’t question what that does to our voices and the way we sing. In this workshop we want to explore what certain ways of using the space as performers do to us and whether there are more and possibly more exciting options in using the space we are in.
This workshop will combine all our experiences with the phenomena “singing a song” and melt it together in one weekend. So in this workshop you can either come with a prepared song or without, and we will workshop how to integrate different styles of song-singing into Genetic Choir improvisations. Those who want to purely improvise will be challenged with the task of solo improvising and story-telling (a song is more than an abstract sound-carpet). And those who like to work with their existing song will be taken on journeys of improvised music with it.
This workshop brings together all the work we did earlier in Melody Makers, the Well-known-song workshops and the research on Phrasing.


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