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Christmas Genetic Choir News

Just before Christmas and the turning of the year into 2014, here some noteworthy stuff:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1. The Genetic Choir is mentioned with one of its working methods in an article about Antifragility and Improvisation on thojoh.com – Read it here.

2. The “Edge of Language” was a great, funny, thought-provoking and inspiring experience for everyone involved! We might repeat it in June 2014, given there are enough pioneers to set it up. If you’d like to be considered a pioneer participant, let us know through the contact page.

3. Two workshops directly in the new year: “Resonance and Sound Textures” on 15/16 February 2014 and “The Well-known-song” on 8/9 March 2014. You can still inscribe. (click here)

4. Possible ad-hoc concert of the Genetic Choir in Amsterdam on 8th of February. Watch this space!

5. Upcoming in February/March 2014 is a joint project of Thomas Johannsen and dancer/choregrapher Marisa Grande that will have Genetic Choir singers and dancers interact with each other! We are now gathering professional performers for the core group. But also less experienced improvisers can join the research sessions on two specific occasions. Read the invitation here: “The secret Life of Phrases“. There’ll be performances in March 2014.

6. If you have missed that two intriguing Genetic Choir video’s have been created in the last few months and that we sang a wonderful Insects Concert, just check it out now:
The Silo Tapes #1
Los Avogados
– “Midas Dekkers felt like flying”
(Audio exerpts of the Insect compositions will follow soon.)

Rests to wish you all a wonderful festive season and a grand New Years Eve. 

See you in 2014 !

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