workshop coming up: Melody Makers


Melodies are the storytellers of music. Just start singing a few notes and instantly there is a feeling/atmosphere, the beginning and clear promise of a much longer story. Melodies are also playful creatures, meaning that in bigger numbers they tend to swirl around each other, being looped and copied and transposed, creating ever-new relations and identities with each other, transforming to totally different music or ending in beautiful silences.
In this Genetic Choir workshop, we look at how we use melodies in improvisation singing. Voice work and rhythm will feature along the way, but the focus is on weaving melodies and story. How do you go about it, as an improvisation singer? How do you make it personal and how does ‘meaning’ evolve? But also: how do you work together with other singers?
The Genetic Choir approach ensures that you don’t need any particular background to be able to join this workshop. Any level of experience and/or musical styles are welcome.

Genetic Choir workshop – Melody Makers

29th & 30th of June 2013 – informatie in het Nederlands, klik hier

10:00-17:00 both days  –  110,- Euro (excl. VAT)

More information and inscription: Send a message through the form below.

photo by Oxyman

[GFDL, CC-BY-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons