Vocal Instant Composition

special workshop sessions for Genetic Choir performers

This is an invitation for the ever-growing pool of  singers who have been with the Genetic Choir project for a long time and want to deepen their understanding of vocal instant composition performance:

Graphic Scores workshop

6/7 April 2013

Frames&Freedom sessions

14/19/24 April and 3 May 2013

Both workshops are for experienced Genetic Choir singers. We will look at different types of ‘scores’ for improvisation music. In a more broader sense, we will then explore the possibilities of using frameworks (of any kind) to bring focus and a certain edge to free musical improvisations. What sort of ingredients work well, what is smothering the improvisation or numbing it, rather than bringing it to life? A ‘frame’ for an improvisation can be filled in in a lot of ways. The ambition of this workshop is to work with all types of scores and frames and by singing a lot of improvisational pieces find the principles of a well-designed set-up.

For some examples of our work with Graphic Scores, see also our collaboration with artist Tanja Smit.

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