Vocal Instant Composition

David Bowie – live remixed the Genetic Choir way

This months’ sound treat of the Genetic Choir is a cut-up remix of Bowie’s famous song ‘Space Oddity’ put through the human meat-mill of the Genetic Choir ensemble. Tell singers to choose their own little fragment from the song and to use it as the starting point for the composition, and this is what you get. 🙂 Oh yes, and nobody was allowed to use the words “Ground Control” or “Major Tom”  😉

As the soundmixing-machine is human and instant, each version is different – and the source material that the music starts from is spanning the whole range of ‘almost the original’ to very free interpretations… Enjoy.

Composition 1302235 – SpaceOddity (no Major Tom)

We performed another version of this piece yesterday night on the lovely first evening of the Axolot Aquarium, titled “Space Odyssey”, next to two other compositions. It was a great night, thanks to all musicians and audience! (the Axolot Aquarium is going to be a regular event of manifold styles of music + performance in Amsterdam, every two months. Check it out!)




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  1. Nele

    Gewoon geweldig om naar te luisteren!!!
    Nele (Anwerpen)

    March 1, 2013 at 21:55