Space Odyssey Concert next Thursday!

In the coming week, the Genetic Choir will be part of an exciting evening of new and classical music, fusion rock and jazz:

— Thursday, 28th of February 2013 from 19:00 —

Axolot Aquarium #1: Space Odyssey


in Dokhuis Gallery, Plantage Doklaan 8-12, Amsterdam

THE GENETIC CHOIR will sing three instant compositions, spreadout through the evening. The ladies of the neotenic aXolot collective (recorders) are collaborating with us. There is food at low price, video art and an ecclectic mix of musicians.

19:00-1:00 – Thursday 28th of February 2013   / food from 19:00, music from 20:00

facebook link:

This is the bill:

AXOLOT with a.o. transdisciplinary, contemporary acoustic and electronic music visualized by Marjolijn Zwakman and a special Dutch premiere of a tripomatic composition by Michiel Mensingh.

THE GENETIC CHOIR – vocal instant composition

KIM-JOSÉ BODE & ANA LADAS: dance/music improvisation

THE WEST SIDE TRIO: classical Jazz Weirdness Brilliance
Vera van der Bie- violin/ Isabella Petersen – viola/ Annie Tangberg – Cello

DODÓ KIS TRIO: fusion rock
Dodó Kis – EWI, Bernhard Höllinger – bass, Aron Nyuri – drums

AXONAUT: trespassing contemporary Jazz
Cesar Latorre – piano/Rafael Morales Aguin – bass/ Marcos Baggiani-drums

DJ JUHA: Half Finnish, half DJ. Interested in ubiquitous culture and urban rhythms. Likes Richie Jackson sliding down escalators.

MANUEL DAHM: aquatic media installation

The Dokhuis is offering a very tasty vegan dish for a low price and there will be classic and (a special aXolot) cocktails!

Be there or be square!  🙂