February song

Here a composition for this chilly, empty time of the year…   🙂

This is another piece that we actually recorded in the heat of summer last year, thanks to an invitation of Dennis Maij (www.terra-preta.nl) to work in his studio. (more recorded music can be found here)

(1) 2002.Olin.9.5x17.5cmMoreover, it is one of the pieces we started making based on graphic scores. Here on a drawing made by Tanja Smit (www.tanjasmit.com). She creates drawings based on printed texts in books and newspaper-articles. This drawing – “Olin” – happens to be based on a Finnish text. For more information about Tanja and her collaboration with the Genetic Choir look here.

We are going to sing a concert based on more of her drawings on 10th of February 2013. For more information and reservations, click here or look at the previous post on this blog (below).