Upcoming Genetic Choir workshops

8 December 2012: "Rhythm is the thing"

A one-day investigation into rhythm in the Genetic Choir context: What is rhythm (essentially)? And how to work with that essence of rhythm, even if you are not good in counting?  This Saturday, we’ll create intricate symphonies made of rhythm-carpets and beatbox-glory!

21 December 2012: "Improvisation im Chor"

A workshop for ‘big choir’ Genetic Choir work in Hannover, Germany. Hosted by the department Jazz/Rock/Pop of the High School of Music, Theatre and Media.
See for more information: hannover-workshops.de and/or hmtm-hannover.de


12/13 January 2013: "The well-known song"

How to work with musical ‘quotes’ and well-known songs as part of Genetic Choir improvisations? When quoting known music in improvisation, it can be fun but also deadly. How can a known piece of music be used in group improvisation in a respectful but also refreshing way?  Can our Genetic Choir strategies of doubling/mutating/putting next to each other/etc.  be used in these special cases?
So bring a favourite song and you will experience how your singing and the interpretation of the song will become stronger through the confrontation with the Genetic Choir way of working.
On Sunday, we will also record the new compositions that we create.

16+17 February 2013:  GC workshop + Resonance / Sound Textures

Saturday will be the general Genetic Choir work: Discover and explore the wider possibilities of your voice, gain freedom in improvising and working together with other singers: Voice work, melodies, resonance & rhythm…
On Sunday a deeper investigation into Resonance and Sound Textures: Whether singing in harmony or in disharmonical blissful sound textures, how can we work with sound ‘quality’ and resonance? How can we hear sound more subtely and make the collective sound stronger? How to play with the ‘edges of sound’ individually and in interaction with your fellow singers, while singing improvisation pieces?


Go to the contact page, or the workshop content page to give yourself up for a workshop. If you have any questions, just ask them.