Vocal Instant Composition

Monthly publishing of new Genetic Choir music!

Dear all,

there are new Genetic Choir songs on Soundcloud:

After last month’s addition (the rather melodic Composition 1205307 – Juka (click here) ) – listen now to the somewhat crazy, but also epic Composition 1206167 – Elst 7:


From now on, every 1st day of the month I will publish a new composition here, drawn from the ongoing concerts, sound projects and collaborations that the Genetic Choir engages on.

Next month’s music will feature a piece from our collaboration with minimalist composer/pianist Jeroen van Veen.

You can listen to these and other compositions on the Audio page of this website. If you wish to be notified of new music being published, sign in to “Follow the Genetic Choir” (here in the right column) , or follow us directly on Soundcloud.

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