Concert in the Lift

This Saturday, 1st of September 2012, we will perform a special concert in collaboration with The Penthouse Restaurant & Sky Bar in The Hague. It is a restaurant on the top of the ‘Haagse Toren‘, close to ‘Den Haag HS’ station. The buidling has 42 floors and the Genetic Choir will perform in the elevator that goes up to the restaurant!

“Elevator Music”

is a concert for a small cabin and as much audience as fits comfortably. Each composition will take 45 seconds beginning to end.

Times: approx. 19:00-21:00

ongoing performance


At the end of the concert we will also sing a longer composition on the top-floor, in the restaurant itself.

Not sure if there are still tables unreserved, because you will have to eat at the restaurant to hear either part of the concert.