Vocal Instant Composition

This weekend: “Silence”

Coming Sunday is another Session for all Genetic Choir singers, this time with the theme ‘Silence’.

Sunday 4 December 13:30-17:30

Studio Wladiwostok, Bogortuin 16, Amsterdam, Java-Eiland. click here for a map to find the studio

Quote for this session is the famous one from Claude Debussy: “Music is the silence between the notes”.

In the same studio, we have the Genetic Choir workshop going from Friday evening, but then on Sunday afternoon, we will conclude together with other Genetic Choir singers with an investigation into types of silences (soft silences, harsh silences, empty silences, charged silences…) and different ways of creating and breaking silences.

Some silences fall easy, like snow falls on the world, other silences arrive chillingly abrupt, like waking up with a start – in an empty house after a weird dream.

And how does any of those silences affect the music that will be heard afterwards?



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