Vocal Instant Composition

Two speciality workshops next spring

Hi there,

we are planning at the moment two workshops on two specific subjects inside Instant Vocal Composition:

Resonant Voices

—  a workshop just on the subtleties of sound and silence and playing in a group of singers with harmonics and disharmonics. We will focus mainly on multi-tone long sounds, becoming proficient in sound character (vowels/vibrato/brilliance) and aligning resonances with each other and the acoustic spaces we are in. Playfulness and delicacy on the most powerful level of singing, where sound and resonance takes over all your senses. (more info, click here)

Words in the moment / The Language Choir

— a workshop where we focus totally on the poetics of words, improvising with language, human sounds and story. We will train the craft of inventing text in the moment and becoming sensitive to the musicality of verse/text/invented poetry inside Instant Vocal Composition. Looking at the complex, rough edges in improvisation where music becomes words and words become music. (more info, click here)

Both workshops are in planning state with the pioneers at the moment. We are looking at dates in the period February-May 2012.  If you’d like to be involved as a pioneer – there are just a few pioneer places left, so let us know quickly through the form below, stating the workshop that you would like to be involved in.

Once the dates are fixed, you will also be able to inscribe as a normal participant, if there is still room in the workshop group. So you can also let us know already if you’d like to be considered as a normal participant for one of these workshops   😉   We’ll be in touch with you, then!

More info on workshops? Click here.

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