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Genetic Choir workshops are work-shops in the true sense of the word: Genetic Choir singers work/play/research in them on a high level of musicality, and the work is open to everyone – no previous skills required. If you never worked with your voice or music before, you can always come to make a first acquaintance (you will see it is easy to find your own place in the work, whatever your specific background is). On the other hand, experienced singers are always surprised about the high quality of work that is created notwithstanding the different types of singers present. Any participant is challenged in his/her assumptions about music making and the possibility of their own voice, and leaves our workshops enriched, tired :-) and highly energised.

The workshops are our own laboratory and training ground, and we are happy to share the work with you!

Thomas Johannsen


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The workshops below are taking place in Amsterdam, but if you want to organise a workshop in your own city, just get in touch! What is a Genetic Choir workshop? click here

To inscribe for a workshop, see the contact form at the very end of this page.


 18+19 October 2014:

“The Edge of Language”

language_edge_closerA workshop about the moments when sound becomes language and vice versa. This is the fourth Genetic Choir research into ‘text/words’, now with more specific focus on the exciting no-mans-land between the abstraction of music and the literal meaning of words. (more info on this theme, read the description of last year’s workshop here)

Een workshop over de momenten waar klank overgaat in taal en vice versa. Dit is de derde verkenning van de Genetic Choir methode rond ‘tekst/woorden’. We spelen met en verkennen verkennen het spannende gebied tussen de abstractie van muziek en de letterlijke betekenis van woorden. (meer info over dit thema, lees over de workshop die vorig jaar december plaatsvond hier)


Both workshops are at the moment open for pioneers to inscribe for the much lower workshop fee.

Dates will be planned together with the pioneers who inscribe.

Contact us through the form below, if you are interested.

Times and prices

Worskhop times are usually: 10:00-17:00

(unless otherwise stated)

One day workshops (excl. VAT): 60,- € / Pioneers pay 40,- €
Two day workshops (excl. VAT): 110,- € / Pioneers pay 75,- €
Four day workshops (excl. VAT): 200,- € / Pioneers pay 140,- €

You can become a pioneer and pay the lower pioneer price by being one of the first to inscribe to a workshop and commit yourself to the dates. What is this pioneer thing? Click here.

Note that all prices are shown without the 21% tax, as some participants can deduct this part from their costs.
For example the total amount you pay for a two day workshop (110,- + VAT) is at the moment 133,10 Euro. For a one-day workshop it’s 72,60 Euro.

If you are interested to follow a workshop, send us a message through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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Workshop Content          Workshops         Guestbook (participants)