Vocal Instant Composition

Inscription Rules and Pioneering for Workshops

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Giving yourself up for a workshop + Cancelling

Your place in a workshop is secured once the money has been transferred and you have received a confirmation e-mail.

Participants are allowed to cancel until 6 weeks before the workshop starts. Cancellation after that point is never possible, unless there is someone who will take over your place. If there is a waiting list and the workshop is full anyway, we will always refund you even if you had to cancel at a late notice.



For each workshop, the first few people who inscribe and commit themselves to the workshop-date(s) are called ‘workshop-pioneers’.

These pioneers pay a significantly lower fee for their commitment. Practically it means, they are not able to cancel anymore once they have given themselves up for the workshop. There is always a small number of pioneer places in each workshop. It makes the planning much easier and therefore we happily give this discount for the certainty that a workshop that is planned will actually take place.


Workshop Content          Workshops         Guestbook (participants)