Vocal Instant Composition


Iepenloftspul with Genetic Choir

flyer dijk vol dromenWith the Genetic Choir’s way of music making and performing, we will be part of this outdoor theatre production (in Frisian language: Iepenloftspul) the coming two weekends in Friesland:

“Dijk vol Dromen” in Pingjum, Friesland

13, 14, 20 & 21 September

The piece starts as lecture about the storms that have imprinted themselves on the landscape and the way the land is formed. One abbey that was positioned on the dyke next to the water has a main role in the story that unfolds and audience will be asked to join for a walk outside and be part of a ritual from old times.

More info on where it happens and when is in this pdf: flyer dijk vol dromen



Workshops 2014/2015

Dear all,

the season of the Genetic Choir has started with two concerts and our involvement in an outdoor theatre production in September, but also the workshops and voice research of the Genetic Choir is starting again, and you are invited to sing with us!

“The Edge of Language” is coming up, with 4 workshop places left, the other workshops below are at this moment being fixed in dates with the pioneers of the Ensemble. Each of those three workshops has still one pioneer place left, up for grabs.

Some of our website followers showed interest for a one day Genetic Choir workshop this year. We don’t often organise it, but please let us know if you would like that – If enough people tell us that they want a short workshop, we can plan it in.

language_edge_closer218+19 October 2014   —   THE EDGE OF LANGUAGE
A workshop about the moments when sound becomes language and vice versa. We will play with and research the use of words in improvisation, with the focus on the exciting no-mans-land between the abstraction of music and the literal meaning of language. (more info: click here)

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“Church Songs” – concert for CD recording

Genetic Choir concert coming Saturday near Amsterdam!

After a try-out in July, we now will have another recording session in the White Church of Holysloot. And you are invited as audience to give your presence and listening ear to us and witness our music in the making:

Saturday 30th of August, 16:00, Witte Kerk, Holysloot

Getting There: The church is at the entrance of the village (arriving from Amsterdam, the southern entrance) directly to the left. Turn left after passing the cafe on your right and the playground on your left. You can park your car at the parking place of the cafe for free. Biking from Amsterdam is a great under good weather conditions and takes about 30 to 45 minutes.

Location Holysloot on Google Maps, click here.


Walking in Amstel Park with the Genetic Choir

SecretSignals-windviolenThis coming Sunday afternoon, you can have a stroll in the park and listen to it’s natural sounds combined with our vocal music.

We will perform “Three Songs”, instant compositions for peculiar places in the cultured wild of the Amstel Park. The audience will be guided along three selected locations in this walk/excursion/concert.

16:00 – 24 August 2014 – Amsterdam

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Review of Genetic Choir’s “Early Years” CD

There has been a lovely review of our CD on the website of “The Sound Projector“, a UK-based Music Magazine & Radio Show!

Click here to read it on the Sound Projector website, or scroll down to read below. Got curious? You can order your copy of the CD here or get it on one of our concerts.

SoundProjector label


 The Genetic Choir

The Early Years 2011-2013
NO LABEL CD (2013)

It’s a tribute to a group’s confidence in their individuality and future when their debut CD earns the title Early Years, Read the rest of this page »

5 & 6 July: Melody Makers workshop

MelodyMakersCarousel_2014Melodies are the storytellers of music. Just start singing a few notes and instantly there is a feeling/atmosphere, the beginning and clear promise of a much longer story. Melodies are also playful creatures, meaning that in bigger numbers they tend to swirl around each other, being looped and copied and transposed, creating ever-new relations and mixed identities, transforming to totally different music or ending in beautiful silences.

In this Genetic Choir weekend workshop, we look at how we use melodies in improvisation singing. Voice work and rhythm will feature along the way, but the focus is on weaving melodies and story. Read the rest of this page »

Open call for vocal improvisers

Composer Abel Kroon is organising an improvisation event next Friday in Amsterdam where he will film and record the experimental performance art choir he gathered. For this, he is still looking for performers! So maybe you are interested:

OPEN CALL 30th of May

Abel works from assumptions about music that are very similar to those of the Genetic Choir, emphasizing in this particular project the physicality of singing performers and researching “Physical Constraints”. Check it out if you like! (all info in the link to .pdf above)